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Dirty Tile or Grout?

It’s no secret that keeping grout clean can be a tough job. Even with daily maintenance, tile and grout can become dull, soiled and discolored. The porous grout collects dirt, grime, and can easily become discolored even with frequent mopping and spot cleaning. Occasionally you will need to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned to bring back its luster and remove the dirt locked deep in the porous grout. Normal use of your tile from foot traffic, pets, dust, dirt and spills can cause the grout to darken and appear dirty. Mopping can lead to a build-up and cause tile to dull.

Our professional tile and grout cleaning crew based out of San Marcos, will inspect your tile and grout and determine the best way to clean your flooring. After the inspection, we apply a tile cleaner to the area and will use a power scrubber if necessary to bring out the dirt. Once that’s done, we thoroughly rinse the tile with a high pressure, hot water machine. The special tile and grout cleaner machine simultaneously puts the water down and retrieves it, leaving your tile and grout looking clean and renewed. No mess!

Fantastic Carpets of San Marcos cares for your home’s entire flooring - from hard surfaces like ceramic tile to soft surfaces like carpeting.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning with Pets

We all love our pets, but sometimes they can make a mess in the house, especially on our flooring. They can drag dirt, fur and germs wherever they go and occasionally have accidents inside the house on the flooring.

If you need your tile and grout cleaned while having pets, you can count on Fantastic Carpets to help bring out the dirt and restore your flooring. Normal floor cleaning products won’t touch hard to reach pet stains, but our special machinery can work wonders on a floor that’s seen better days. It’s important to clean up pet urine and other accidents quickly to avoid the mess seeping into the porous grout. Sometimes your home can begin to smell if the messes aren’t picked up in a timely manner and properly cleaned and sanitized.

If you do smell an odor, it’s time to call Fantastic Carpets of San Marcos for a professional tile and grout cleaning appointment. We will do our best to make it better. Contact us today to get a free estimate on tile and grout cleaning.

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Our tile and grout cleaning service will help remove deep, dark stains in your grout and bring life back to your tile. Call Fantastic Carpet in San Marcos today.

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